Year: 2022

Septuagint Isaiah 60–Devotional 2.80

The focus of chapter 6o is Jerusalem. Chapter 60 tells the outcome of the Servant’s sacrifice as his victory affects God’s own people. The timeframe is now and forever. Verses 18-22 are poetically and spiritually extremely beautiful. For all who know and experience the Lord’s goodness upon their lives and souls daily, these verses apply to their current condition in the Lord’s Servant/Christ. … Continue readingSeptuagint Isaiah 60–Devotional 2.80

Septuagint Isaiah 60–Devotional 2.79

In this portion of Isaiah (Volume 2), God does not “hate” Gentiles. Gentiles, per se, are not the enemy God deals with. As in Ephesians 6:11-18, the enemy is spiritual. God welcomes repentant Gentiles into his Israelite family. God’s victory is not yet complete. There is eternity yet to come. This is the “already not yet” so popular in Christian writing today. But the major portion, the most difficult part, has already been achieved. John 19:30 … “It is finished” …  Let us give God our “selah” and pause to celebrate with him and Isaiah in chapter 60. … Continue readingSeptuagint Isaiah 60–Devotional 2.79

Septuagint Isaiah 59–Devotional 2.75

Septuagint Isaiah 59 hides quietly behind its poetic images. Yet it presents the entire Gospel message of Jesus Christ, God’s Servant. This gospel message is: 1) Every person needs deliverance from sin. 2) God himself, through his Servant, is the Deliverer. 3) Everyone is invited. 4) God sends his Spirit to those who embrace the Deliverer. The four points below expand upon this message of the Deliverer and the Spirit. … Continue readingSeptuagint Isaiah 59–Devotional 2.75

Septuagint Isaiah 58–Devotional 2.74

Slowly, but slowly, as I read through chapters 58 and 59, I begin to perceive that what God is after is a way of life. He wants his people to follow his heart, day in and day out, in both the large and the small. The reward reveals itself as more than a piece of property (58:14). The reward is an ongoing relationship and fellowship with God (Septuagint Isaiah 59:21)… … Continue readingSeptuagint Isaiah 58–Devotional 2.74

Condemnation Versus Blessing: Devotional 2.73

Consistently in Isaiah, “Israel” appears as a heterogenous group. God in Septuagint Isaiah does not give promises of salvation as a blanket statement to the nation of Israel as a whole. Rather, he gives his promises to his people. Sometimes he calls these people “Israel,” or “Zion.” But chapters 56-57 indicate in plain speech that God does not welcome into his assembly everyone found to be of Israelite descent. … Continue readingCondemnation Versus Blessing: Devotional 2.73