Category: Septuagint Isaiah: Devotional Journal Volume 2

Chapter by chapter devotionals based upon Septuagint Isaiah, chapters 40-66.

Birth of a New People: Devotional 2.97

Isaiah focuses throughout both volumes, chapters 1 through 66, upon God’s Servant. He describes his person, his work, and the blessed consequences of his work for the believing remnant of Israel. These all find fulfillment in the advent of God’s Servant–his life, his death as a sacrifice for many, his resurrection from the grave, his ascension, and the rapid growth of the new kingdom of Sion made possible through him, as recorded in the book of Acts. … Continue readingBirth of a New People: Devotional 2.97

A New Heaven and a New Earth: Devotional 2.945

As in so many other ways, the advent and events of the life of God’s Special Servant, his Son, fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah 65:17. Through his death on the cross, resurrection from the grave, and ascension into heaven, Jesus Christ, the Servant, opened a doorway into God’s presence that never existed before. Likewise, Jesus Christ, God’s Servant, opened the way for a “new earth.” … Continue readingA New Heaven and a New Earth: Devotional 2.945

Septuagint Isaiah 66:1-6–Devotional 2.95

Notice that the “voice of a cry” and “a voice from the temple” is a “voice of the Lord.” The voice comes from the city and from the temple. This Greek word “from” means “out of” (ἐκ). The Lord is in his temple wreaking recompense upon his enemies. Therefore, the enemies must be in the temple. Who is in the temple in this passage of Isaiah? They are those who offer him ceremonial sacrifices there. … Continue readingSeptuagint Isaiah 66:1-6–Devotional 2.95

New Heaven/New Earth: Devotional 2.94

Isaiah indicates that the changes will be permanent, just as God’s rejection of those who reject him is permanent. Isaiah presents no possibility of a national repentance that involves political boundaries. Isaiah left those chapters behind. After centuries and centuries of rebuffed opportunities to embrace God’s mercy and warnings, the last times have arrived. The spiritual replaces the concrete. Believers will be garnered from the whole world, even though God preserves the root and the seed that will grow and become his new olive tree (Romans 11:16-17). … Continue readingNew Heaven/New Earth: Devotional 2.94

God’s Negative Rewards: Devotional 2.91

In Isaiah 65:11-12, God spells out unfaithful Israel’s rebellious behaviors and their negative rewards… After verse 12, the text alternates rapidly between consequences to the faithful and consequences to the unfaithful. Throughout the verses concerning the unfaithful, God displays his abiding anger against those in Israel whose behavior displays a lack of allegiance to him. … Continue readingGod’s Negative Rewards: Devotional 2.91