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Isaiah 50:10-11 LXX: Isaiah Devotional 2.34

The book of Isaiah simultaneously prophesies the best news in the world and the worst news in the world. The best news is the Advent of God’s Servant, Messiah, the second Person of the Trinity. As God’s Servant, he comes to bring salvation to Israel and light to the whole Gentile world. The worst news is that death and sorrow will result for those who treat him poorly.
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Isaiah 49:14-26 LXX: Isaiah Devotional 2.31

Human kind’s greatest enemy is sin. God’s greatest spiritual foe is Satan. Of course, Satan’s power as a created being is finite and limited. Christ conquered sin, death, and Satan by means of the cross. God’s stated purpose in restoring Israel to their own land, as well as his purpose in conquering sin and in defeating the strong man enemy Satan is to manifest his identity as Lord of all, “… and all flesh shall perceive that I am the Lord that delivers you, and that upholds the strength of Jacob” (Isaiah 49:26). … Continue readingIsaiah 49:14-26 LXX: Isaiah Devotional 2.31

God Speaks: Isaiah Devotional 2.11

The Old Testament does not record the fulfillment of this prophecy of Isaiah (unless one counts the strictly local life and death of Cyrus the Persian). And God would not be God if this prophecy of Isaiah were not fulfilled. Thank God for the New Testament! Thank God for these “new things” (Isaiah 42:9) whose fulfillment the New Testament records. God always intended the Old and New Testaments to be a unified whole, the former prophesying in detail and the latter recording fulfillment of the former. … Continue readingGod Speaks: Isaiah Devotional 2.11

The Structure of Isaiah 41: Isaiah Journal 2.4

Isaiah 41:1-7. God addresses non-believing Gentile nations.
Isaiah 41:8-20. God addresses Israel, “my servant,” with comfort and promise.
Isaiah 41:21-28. God addresses the non-believing Gentile nations a second time.
Isaiah 41:21-24. God challenges these nations and their idols.
Isaiah 41:25. God demonstrates his power.
Isaiah 41:26-28. God states that no one from among the nations knew or foretold this. But he, God, did.
Isaiah 41:29. God sums up his argument with the Gentiles and their idols. … Continue readingThe Structure of Isaiah 41: Isaiah Journal 2.4

Concrete and Spiritual: LXX Isaiah Journal Vol 2.1

What do the biblical books of Romans, Galatians, and Ephesians have to do with the book of Isaiah? Simply this. When I, as a 21st century non-Jewish Christian, read God’s words, “Comfort ye, comfort ye my people,” can I apply these words to myself? I believe that the New Testament teaches that yes, I can. God is also speaking to me. … Continue readingConcrete and Spiritual: LXX Isaiah Journal Vol 2.1