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Switchback–Blessing Disappears: Isaiah Devotional Journal 60

Therefore, the focus is not on the remnant, nor so much upon God’s promise, but upon the Stone, the precious stone, the costly foundation. The focus is also upon belief in him. With this Stone for a foundation, God himself accomplishes what he intended to do. Isaiah grants no blessing to rebellious Israel.  … Continue readingSwitchback–Blessing Disappears: Isaiah Devotional Journal 60

Evangelistic Switchbacks: Isaiah 26-Journal 55

God through Isaiah employs the technique of literary and evangelistic switchbacks. Even a fast reading of Isaiah reveals the main themes of blessing for the repentant faithful in Christ, Messiah, and condemnation for the unfaithful, those who rebel against God’s word. Chapter 26 excels in its illustration of the rapid contrast of these evangelistic themes. … Continue readingEvangelistic Switchbacks: Isaiah 26-Journal 55

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