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Switchbacks and Hermeneutics: Devotional 2.99

Much of Volume 2 of Isaiah involves switchbacks within the text that alternate between two groups. Both groups belong to national biblical Israel. But God abundantly blesses only one of the two groups. One group obeys God; the other group disobeys. Eventually, Isaiah’s use of the names Sion and Jerusalem lands firmly upon the obedient. Again, it is important to realize that both groups ethnically belong to national biblical Israel. This explains why God no longer addresses “Israel” as a whole. The text has reached a point of final sifting. God addresses his obedient children as Sion and Jerusalem. The disobedient he addresses as transgressors (Septuagint Isaiah 66:3 and Isaiah 66:24). … Continue readingSwitchbacks and Hermeneutics: Devotional 2.99

Switchbacks and Seismic Shifts: Devotional 2.98

When both ethnicity and religious ceremonial observance are eliminated as necessary factors in pleasing God, faith stands alone. Isaiah does not use the word “faith.” Rather, his vocabulary specifies the “humble and meek” (verse 2) and the one who “trembles at my word”(also verse 2). The concept of trembling at God’s word includes obedience to it. People obey whom they fear. Therefore, the essence of faith (belief and trust in God) is obedience to God and his word. Those who obey God give him their highest regard through obedience to him. Another way to say this is that faith (belief and trust in God) leads a person to choose to obey God and his word despite all contrary consequences. … Continue readingSwitchbacks and Seismic Shifts: Devotional 2.98

Switchback–Blessing Disappears: Isaiah Devotional Journal 60

Therefore, the focus is not on the remnant, nor so much upon God’s promise, but upon the Stone, the precious stone, the costly foundation. The focus is also upon belief in him. With this Stone for a foundation, God himself accomplishes what he intended to do. Isaiah grants no blessing to rebellious Israel.  … Continue readingSwitchback–Blessing Disappears: Isaiah Devotional Journal 60

Evangelistic Switchbacks: Isaiah 26-Journal 55

God through Isaiah employs the technique of literary and evangelistic switchbacks. Even a fast reading of Isaiah reveals the main themes of blessing for the repentant faithful in Christ, Messiah, and condemnation for the unfaithful, those who rebel against God’s word. Chapter 26 excels in its illustration of the rapid contrast of these evangelistic themes. … Continue readingEvangelistic Switchbacks: Isaiah 26-Journal 55