Writing is where I meet myself and–hopefully–others. It’s how I best share myself with both myself and the world. I’ve journeyed through many hardships and met the Lord when I was already thirty. Since then, the Lord has been my steady, hands-on teacher, my best friend, and my guide. As a senior now, I can honestly say that the Lord has never failed me nor let me down. And I am so far from perfect–his kindness is not based on me. It’s who he is.

I’ve experienced lots of alone time all my life. When I use this time with the Lord, I am deeply satisfied. I love how he opens his Word to those who desire him, everyone who desires him.

I tend to be academic by nature, and I hope this is not a put-off to you. My invitation to you is to read my posts and use them as a jumping off place for your own quiet devotions with the Lord. My goal in this blog is to encourage others to seek the Lord, because he’s the greatest! I invite you to leave comments or send me an email.