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Isaiah Labels Faithful Israel: Devotional 2.58

In Septuagint Volume 2 of Isaiah, God speaks directly to his people. One difficulty in understanding this speech is that God often alternates rapidly between words of chastisement and warning and words of comfort and blessing. As asked in previous posts (Isaiah Devotional 60, Isaiah Devotional 2.14), is God schizophrenic? Does he have multiple personalities? Do the frequent changes of tone in God’s speech and intention indicate a supreme being who waffles? Someone who cannot make up his mind? Do these frequent changes indicate uncertainty on God’s part? The thesis of this devotional blog on the Septuagint text of Isaiah is that God addresses differing groups of Israel’s people. Some people displayed hearts which in the long run sought to obey God, while others remained steadfastly rebellious and hard of heart in their behaviors concerning God. God addresses each of these sorts of people separately. … Continue readingIsaiah Labels Faithful Israel: Devotional 2.58