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Hezekiah’s Pride Part 4: Isaiah Devotional Journal 84

Fortunately, Scripture includes the book of 2 Chronicles to unfold its many details concerning the state of King Hezekiah’s heart. King Hezekiah truly was a good king. We’ve seen how God tested and proved him in the areas of worship (Journal 81 and Journal 82), military leadership (Journal 83), and his personal life (this post). We will close up this section concerning Hezekiah and Volume 1 of Isaiah in the next post. There we will discover what 2 Chronicles reveals as the apparent source of King Hezekiah’s sinful pride. … Continue readingHezekiah’s Pride Part 4: Isaiah Devotional Journal 84

Hezekiah Worships: Isaiah Devotional Journal 80

When we face difficulties from which we may not survive, let us call upon the name of the Lord. Our God saves. He delivers from death. God’s deliverance is sure, fixed in the heavenlies, whether in this life or by means of our passing to the next. Either way, Christians do experience and will experience resurrection from death. This is the prophetic promise of Isaiah 38. … Continue readingHezekiah Worships: Isaiah Devotional Journal 80

Hezekiah Prays c’t’d: Isaiah Devotional Journal 79

But do we actually pray as King Hezekiah did? It seems to me that many times Christians are afraid to weep loudly before the Lord. Haven’t we been taught to “Rejoice always”? We may perhaps want to weep and complain, but are we afraid this would display doubt or lack of faithfulness? … Hezekiah displays his faith by asking for a difficult sign. A difficult sign serves him well, because when Isaiah prays and the Lord performs the impossible (the shadow on the sundial moving backward), it gives Hezekiah certainty. … Continue readingHezekiah Prays c’t’d: Isaiah Devotional Journal 79