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Cycles of Repetition in Isaiah Volume 2: Devotional 2.86

Isaiah Volume 2 is not arranged chronologically. It contains three cycles of repetition, much as the book of Revelation repeats itself in cycles. Each cycle in Isaiah presents a somewhat different focus. Cycle one gives the most detail concerning the suffering Servant himself. Cycle two emphasizes God’s believing people, both among those of Israel and among the Gentiles. Cycle three contrasts the results for apostate Israel against results for believers, who live in the new Jerusalem. This group includes ethnic Israelites and Gentiles together. It  shows the reader God’s end goal right into eternity. All three cycles deal with Israel’s past history, the first coming of God’s Servant, and the eternal results of the salvation he brings. … Continue readingCycles of Repetition in Isaiah Volume 2: Devotional 2.86