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Second Servant Song: Isaiah Devotional 2.26

Septuagint Isaiah 49:1-6 (see link) is popularly known as the Second Servant Song. (See previous post Isaiah Devotional 2.25 for important background information concerning the divine dialogue in this section). The passage briefly reports the scope and sequence of the Servant/Messiah’s future ministry and life. These six verses coordinate extremely well with Jesus the Christ’s incarnate ministry. … Continue readingSecond Servant Song: Isaiah Devotional 2.26

Septuagint Isaiah 48: Isaiah Devotional 2.24

Chapter 48 is simple enough in content, yet the details are complex. Basically, there are four themes in this chapter, none of which are introduced here for the first time. These four themes are 1) rebuke for Israel, 2) God’s self-defense, 3) God’s plans for the restoration and salvation of Israel, and 4) the coming deliverer. The most exciting verses are verses 15 and 16. In verse 15, God introduces the deliverer. And in verse 16, the deliverer speaks. The exciting part is that the words the deliverer speaks place him beside God. Readers should find themselves in a state of anticipation for Isaiah to continue. In chapter 49, they will not be disappointed. … Continue readingSeptuagint Isaiah 48: Isaiah Devotional 2.24