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Isaiah Prays: Devotional 2.89

As the prophet reviews the current situation as it is, he places God at the center. Sion, with its sanctuary, once reflected the glory of God. Men praised God because of it. It is God’s glory in Sion that lies burnt and ruined. Isaiah repeats the sentiment he expressed in verse 15: God has withheld himself. That is the core of the current problem, as well as the key to its solution. … Continue readingIsaiah Prays: Devotional 2.89

God “Opens Up”: Devotional 2.88

But yet, in spite of all his wrath, God does respond positively to Isaiah’s intercession in Isaiah 65:8-9. He will save a faithful remnant (grapes with juice in them). He describes their blessings (Isaiah 65:8-10). Then, from 65:11-16, the Lord describes the punishment he will give to the unfaithful of his own people. He contrasts these punishments with the reward he will give his faithful remnant. The following five sentences summarize the closing four chapters of Septuagint Isaiah: It used to be like this with Israel. It will soon be this other way. Nevertheless, I will redeem and bless my faithful remnant. I will extend my blessings and redemption to Gentiles (Isaiah 65:1). The world is about to change. … Continue readingGod “Opens Up”: Devotional 2.88

Final Cycle of Repetition: Devotional 2.87

Chapters 63-66 conclude both Volume 2 and the entire book. Within this cycle of repetition, God in his own words reveals and explains his heart in a directly open and bluntly clear way. His words span the course of Israel’s entire history from its inception to its future, eternal end. Within this overview, God does not neglect to mention his inclusion of Gentiles within the community of Sion and Jerusalem, whom he chooses to bless. … Continue readingFinal Cycle of Repetition: Devotional 2.87

A Spiritual Hermeneutic: Devotional 2.82

Does God favor Israel? Absolutely. God chose the ethnic family of Abraham, narrowed to the children of Jacob, to be his “special” people. He chose them to be the showcase of his love, grace, and justice. Through their ethnic seed, the Servant/Messiah was born. Nevertheless, God’s ultimate plan for his people Zion centers on his Son, the singular seed of Abraham (Galatians 3:16). Ethnic Israelites, as well as every other ethnicity on the entire planet, will find their only permanent blessing in and through God’s anointed Servant/Christ. God’s spiritual blessing of eternal life in the very presence of God is primary. All concrete blessings, whatever they may be, are secondary. … Continue readingA Spiritual Hermeneutic: Devotional 2.82

Septuagint Isaiah 60–Devotional 2.80

The focus of chapter 6o is Jerusalem. Chapter 60 tells the outcome of the Servant’s sacrifice as his victory affects God’s own people. The timeframe is now and forever. Verses 18-22 are poetically and spiritually extremely beautiful. For all who know and experience the Lord’s goodness upon their lives and souls daily, these verses apply to their current condition in the Lord’s Servant/Christ. … Continue readingSeptuagint Isaiah 60–Devotional 2.80