Beauty Day 22


Find one beautiful thing every day and take a photo of it.

Philippians 4:8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.


Day 22 Say “Cheese!”

The formal Christmas photo

tripod, lighting, color, spacing

1, 2, 3 say “Ch…!”

Her new dog bolts

into the officially designated wide “Open Spaces”

Charles bolts and is gone

He needs to catch that dog

The dog gets found

we look at our Christmas pic

and the virtual strangers

from six different households

laugh for 5 minutes straight–

a lost dog and man

excluded from the official Christmas photo

become the best ice breaker

in the world








3 thoughts on “Beauty Day 22

  1. This is a nice blog but please visit and read the new ultimate theory of human relativity exclusively on My Theory also give me some feedbacks as I am hungry for it.
    From your latest follower My Theory.

    1. To My Theory, Thanks again for taking time to comment on my blog. I re-read your “ultimate theory of human relativity,” as I had read it the first time when you began following my blog.

      I love your interest in these things!

      You remind me of when I was in my first or second year of undergrad college decades and eons ago. Our professor had given us an assignment, which I answered with a free-form theory of my own–how all things are connected. For example, using the images from your blog, bacteria are connected with the medium that surrounds them; the medium that surrounds the bacteria are connected with our cells…we are connected (touching) the air we breathe; my desk shares the same air, and so forth. I forget now what my thesis or point was–I don’t think I had one. Perhaps it was “All things are equal,” which was also a main philosophy of mine in those years.

      “All things are equal,” meant to me at the time that a bird fills its own space of awareness and existence fully; same with a horse, or a cow, or a flower. Each of these are fully and totally what they are. A person is fully and totally a person. In this sense, all things are equal.

      Now, being a Christian, I have a totally different point of view based upon a different set of experiences. When I was young, even though I felt and supposed I was calling out to God, he never replied, and I rejected the Bible and Christ and all that. But the thing is, I really did need contact with God, as I felt extremely alone and isolated.

      Then, about age 30, he came looking for me! And though I resisted for a time, he won out in the end. He showed himself to me when I wasn’t asking. (I’m not saying that is or should be a “technique.”) Anyway, even though there are analogies concerning humans and bacteria and other things in the universe, there is no analogy to the fact that God created humans (but not bacteria) in his own image, and He himself took on “human flesh” and became a person just like you or me, except that he was also God. As a human, he allowed himself to be crucified on a cross, he died, was buried, and rose from the dead–all this to open a door for lost people like me to be able to approach him and get in touch with him again. I truly believe this is not the case with bacteria, although as I said, I agree that there are certain striking analogies between transportation systems among bacteria, as you suggested in your blog, and transportation systems that people have invented.

      What do you think? Is this the kind of feedback you were “hungry” for?

      Thanks again for your comment–I don’t get many of those–and praying the best for you in your search for meaning.

      PS–it’s not that easy to be “great.” If it were easy, then we’d all be great. But the good news is that Jesus died for the least. The only requirement is to place your faith in him. That means believe that he exists and that you are welcomed by him, even as you invite and welcome him into your heart.

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