Harry Potter and Jesus

Got a bug this week to watch the Harry Potter videos for the second time straight through, and I loved them all over again. I feel they are extremely well-done, and I even watched the last three straight through on my cell phone.

hp-harry-potter-34907612-1920-1080As I watched throughout the week, I soon started noticing what I will call Christian overtones. Check this out for yourself the next time you watch the Potter films–what do you think? Christian or not?

Similarities between Harry Potter and Jesus include: humility, innocence, persistence, quiet demeanor, self-sacrifice, love for truth, judgment of evil, and final victory.

On the difference side, I want to mention just one that struck me. Harry Potter succeeded asBehold, the Lamb of God  part of a team of peers and mentors. We find statements of the team-like nature of his work liberally sprinkled throughout the films. Jesus Christ, on the other hand, had no human team players nor human mentors who helped him achieve his task. (He did have a heavenly team of Father and Spirit behind him.) Jesus did what he did completely without help from his human friends, totally abandoned, utterly alone. When thanking Harry, Hogwarts needs to thank the entire team; when thanking Jesus, he gets all the praise and glory on earth.

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