Humble yourselves therefore…


What could be lower than a thistle? But God created thistles, and at the right moment, in due time, he makes even them beautiful to see. I passed this lowly thistle on the path, and I was struck how the light lifted it away from its background, giving it a beauty that popped.

One thing troubles can be good for is to help us find that lowly spot before the Lord. But even troubles don’t bring about lowliness before the Lord automatically. It’s how we respond to the troubles…with bitterness, fear, doubtful complaining, or with faith, thanking God even for these troubles, laying them all down at our Savior’s feet? God is great, and his movements are hard to predict, but one thing we can always be sure of is that He cares for us.

2 thoughts on “Humble yourselves therefore…

  1. Such a needed reminder at this very moment. Thanks, Christina! God’s blessed me through you with this.

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