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Septuagint Isaiah 30:20-21: Devotional Journal 66

A very favorite quotation from Isaiah tells a different story in the Septuagint. See Isaiah 30:20-21 from a quite different angle. The plot of Septuagint Isaiah 30:19-26 relates the spiritual journey of new believers. Following lies from birth, a person reaches the …bottom of their pit. Crying out to the Lord for help, he responds. He opens their blind eyes and deaf ears. New believers see their deceivers as such and discern the voice of truth and error. They understand the deceptions of their former way of life …As they continue to follow the Lord’s straight path (his teaching), they progress in the Lord’s way. And he blesses them with spiritual growth and prosperity. … Continue readingSeptuagint Isaiah 30:20-21: Devotional Journal 66

Isaiah 30 Septuagint-Two Kingdoms: Journal 64

God is willing to extend mercy, but he will do so only on his own terms. His terms involve his own exaltation (the cross)… The crux is that salvation only comes through the cross of Christ, whether your name is Israel, Judah, or Gentile. There is no difference (Galatians 3:27). “All Israel” will not be saved until all Israel does it God’s way in Christ. … Continue readingIsaiah 30 Septuagint-Two Kingdoms: Journal 64

Ariel and Her Enemies: Isaiah Devotional Journal 62

In American politics, people often think that if a person is against a certain political party, then they must favor the opposing party. For many, however, this description fails to capture the reality that some people condemn both parties. Isaiah always makes the fact of punishment against both Israel and her enemies very clear. God judges and punishes his people, yes. But, he also judges and punishes “as many as have fought against Ariel, and all they that war against Jerusalem” (Isaiah 29:7). … Continue readingAriel and Her Enemies: Isaiah Devotional Journal 62

Switchback–Blessing Disappears: Isaiah Devotional Journal 60

Therefore, the focus is not on the remnant, nor so much upon God’s promise, but upon the Stone, the precious stone, the costly foundation. The focus is also upon belief in him. With this Stone for a foundation, God himself accomplishes what he intended to do. Isaiah grants no blessing to rebellious Israel.  … Continue readingSwitchback–Blessing Disappears: Isaiah Devotional Journal 60

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