Why I Write About Psalms



Frankly, I wish I were a better writer. I wish I had the skill to write short and succinct. Get to the point, illustrate it, apply it–bim, bam, boom, an awesome post that hundreds of people would eagerly read in about one or two minutes max.

I’m not and I don’t.

All I am is a tiny person with an even smaller voice.

But I’m someone who loves the Lord with her whole heart, soul, mind, and spirit, and I love his Word. I believe that the Lord has given me the key to unlocking the Psalms (I’m certainly not claiming to be unique in that), and I want to share its treasures with you, for the one purpose that you, too, will find that key and enter into the most marvelous fellowship with the amazing Son of God/Son of Man whom they present.

I’m positive many of you already love the Psalms. If so, you might want to skip what I have to say. I’m mostly writing for those who are puzzled by Psalms or haven’t yet found a door for enjoying them more completely.

As always when approaching Scripture, pray, pray, pray, because what is the  Psalter, if not a conversation, as in dialogue, between God and man? As you read the Psalms, share your heart with God through prayer, and see if he doesn’t share his heart with you.

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