Pursue Your Hunger

God loves to communicate. He is in the business of communication. He created by speaking all things into existence (Genesis 1), and His Son is called the Word (John 1:1-5). After Christ’s atoning death, resurrection, and ascension, God sent the Holy Spirit to take the place of Christ on earth, and the Holy Spirit will be with us until Christ comes again (Matthew 28:8, 20). The Holy Spirit reminded the disciples of everything that Jesus ever said to them (John 14:26, 16:12-13). He is still with us today to act in our lives, reveal Christ to our hearts, and to open and explain Scripture to our understanding.


God does not keep secrets (Matthew 28:20; Luke 11:9). Nor does he have favorites (Romans 2:11). He loves a humble, broken, repentant spirit, and to everyone who is hungry to learn of him, he eagerly gives his spiritual food (Luke 11:11-13). This means that you don’t need to be well-educated to understand the Bible. God wrote it for everyone to understand and use (Proverbs 1:20; 2:4-5).


But you must be hungry for his Word. If you are not so very hungry, pray that the Holy Spirit will make you hungrier. And if you are already hungry, then you are blessed (Matthew 5:6). Pursue your hunger and pray that God will give you the answers that your heart desires. Ask him to open Scripture to you, especially those specific parts of Scripture that you want to know more about (Luke 24:27). God’s Word promises that he will answer your prayer. So keep on praying until he does, because he will (John 15:16; 16:23).



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