Isaiah 40:8

1 thought on “Isaiah 40:8

  1. God bless you sweet sister. It’s been such a busy strange holiday season. The only really wonderful thing is to celebrate my Saviour’s birth. I thought that until I heard from my cousin in Vista. She is planning to come for a visit the day after Christmas. I’m excited about this.
    I wish you could see how Michele Colujun decorated the church. It is gorgeous. I want to take a picture today for you.
    The winds were up and blowing last night. There are so many fires burning and more cropping up almost daily. Prayer and God grace are the only things to get us though. I read last night that so far through His grace only one death.
    I’m praying for Wendy. She as you know I’m sure is applying for a job. I haven’t heard from her yet.
    With love and all good wishes, Norma

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